Posted by: Family Room Media | June 9, 2008

Does God Really Love Me?

Does God Really Love Me?

This topic is a real enigma to most Christians.  Countless believer’s know God loves them from the myriad songs, reading it in the Bible and others writing books about it.  But how many Christians actually have the revelation that He loves them personally?  And if they did, how would that change their life?



  1. hey! I don’t know who you are, or who are the people on this podcast, but the podcast is really interesting, gives me new insights. I am a christian who doubts if i have a relationship with God. i agree with the “prove it”, when we are in darkness and God shows up in our lives and brings us back. For me, I shall try to remember the time how God brought me to Him, in my real darkness before i knew Him, that He loves me. And the last part, what the guy say about God forgiveness, affirms to what i think. Cos i always have doubts of why should I confess to God when i sin, as the church tells me, to receive forgiveness, because I have been forgiven totally when Jesus died for me long ago. This question has been always bugging me, like why should i confess? And I felt that I have no reason to feel guilty, cos Jesus has already forgiven me. Thank God for this podcast that God put in my way, as i was just blogsearching. Next time I know that when I sin I should just admit my sin, so that I’ll know that it’s sin, and try not to do it again, and just thank God for His forgiveness.

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