Posted by: Family Room Media | March 14, 2012

Infused With Father’s Love

Infused With Father’s Love

We revisit the topic from a few years back, of how our lives go through different seasons as we grow in Father. The exciting thing that we also discover in our relationship with him, is how much he infuses himself into our lives with each season that we enter with him. Here’s the link to our first podcast on this topic: Seasons

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  1. I was listening to this podcast and near the end you guys talk about how God is relational. I was writing about that very thing yesterday. It mainly looks at how Jesus taught relationally and how Jesus related to children contrasted to how churches teach and how they teach us to raise children.

    Take a look if you like,

    Great show, I’ve listened to them all. Thanks for recording while relating.

    • Thanks for listening. I’ve booked marked your blog post and will red it. -bob

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