Posted by: Family Room Media | April 10, 2012

Almighty God

Almighty God

It’s always an fascinating journey when you look back through some of the Biblical passages we’ve known for a long time through the lens of relationship with Father.  We do that in this discussion that uncovers areas of our understanding that have changed since we’ve begun living in the freedom of Father’s love.  

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  1. When you guys talked about actual examples of how relationship with God played out in your life, I found that enormously helpful. Wayne Jacobsen has said that, “God is not a formula to be worked,” and this podcast really demonstrated how true that is in real life. We want to think we’ve got him figured out and nailed down (no pun intended) with principles and theologies and doctrines, but then he does things that blow right past it all. At that point, we have two choices: we can either redouble our efforts to reconstruct a theology that takes into account God’s strange reluctance to fit into our previous theology, or we can just settle back into a real relationship where we let him take the lead and buckle up.

    • Thanks Glen, well said. Creating theologies to fit our perspective of God’s reluctance.–scary.

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