Posted by: Family Room Media | May 1, 2012

The Art of Relationship

The Art of Relationship

Zooming around in life nowadays is a real challenge to our relationships. Yet no matter how fast life moves past us, nothing really gets done faster than the speed of relationship. So how do live in our relationships with Father and others in this over clocked world?

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  1. Hi Dave, Bob, and Lauren,

    I really enjoy listening to your podcast, and this one really stuck out to me! I totally agree that we can be WAAAAAAY too busy in our thought life to be truly aware of the relationships around us.

    And I want to confirm something that Dave said. He mentioned that when he does what is truly important, that without fail, what needs to get done, gets done. Oh WOW!! I have told myself that many times–and it is true in my own life, too! I am a very focused person, but I have trained myself to know when to let a project go for the sake of relationships. Life is so much richer when relationships are the most important thing!

    Thanks for sharing your heart with all of us. You are a blessing.

    Have a great day in Jesus–

    Jody McRoberts :>}

    • Thanks Jody! It’s always good to get ‘checked’ in this area of relationships. The tyranny of getting things done over relationshps always needs to be opposed.

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