Posted by: Family Room Media | July 25, 2012

Where’s God?


Where’s God?

Even though we’re affirmed in our relationship with Father, sometimes it seems that everything in our lives is exploding, or falling apart.  What is going on?  We try to be faithful in our relationship with him, but deep down we wonder: “Where’s God?”

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  1. Currently am in the situation of awful circumstances that I can’t find God at all. Talking with one of my dear friends and he is going thru the very same thing…….I will try to take what you said here about not praying so much as trying to have a conversation…I do try to do that, but He seems very silent. It’s hard and demoralizing to feel like your the only one doing the talking….

  2. “God can only do things through [people on earth]…”

    Don’t think that’s true, guys. You use the example of God “drawing in” Sennacharib’s forces for Jehosophat to destroy, but that doesn’t mean that God could not have done the destroying himself. At least the bible stories say that he sent angels to wipe out the Babylonians when Hezekiah was king for example. Um… last time I checked, he sent an angel to tell Mary and Martha about their special babies. Not sure why you are putting this limitation on God.

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