Posted by: Family Room Media | December 18, 2012

Our Father

Our Father  (replay)

The whole concept of thriving in Father’s kingdom began to take shape with the idea of prayer.  Bob and David share a fresh take on the Lord’s Prayer from the view outside the walls of the institutional church.

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  1. Early in the podcast, you make the point that we were never wired to be changed by receiving truth in an institutional setting but, rather, in the context of relationship. I think this needs to be tweaked, just a bit.

    It is not really the setting that prevents “truth” from soaking in and changing us, it is the entire approach that we can ever be truly changed by “truth” communicated to us in any fashion or context or intellectual appeal. That is the essence of the failure of modern Christianity and Religion since the Reformation, at least. It took the concepts of the Enlightenment and tried to apply them to spiritual growth— if we just communicate “truth” effectively to people (by sermons, bible studies, memorization, hymns, songs, tracts, commentaries, conferences…. movies? ouch, that hurts), then they will be changed.

    That’s not how it works. It is far simpler and more profound. We are only, ever changed as the Truth (Jesus) works in us in every way– intellect, emotion, soul, heart, circumstance, social. It is all on him. We just don’t want to admit our utter helplessness to change. But that is what God has been after all along: a total dependency on him for the change and life that he wants.

    Now, THAT’S good news!

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