Posted by: Family Room Media | July 17, 2013

Discovering the New You

Discovering the New You

The grip religion has had on believers has often left them scratching their heads as to who they really are. This discussion demystifies the whole concept of God given gifts and callings.  Has religion just messed with what already knew was true about who we are?

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  1. Great podcast. Following Fathers leading can feel like lack of commitment. Not so! I love the reminder of seasons. I am slowly getting this as I confidently step in and out of service.

    I recently had a revalation that I believed that if I disappoint someone that would stir up the not enough spirit. Not so! I am enough and I will disappoint people especially if someone has placed an unspoken agenda over me.

    Thanks guys for sharing Fathers love.

    Your Sis

  2. […] Dial-up   […]

  3. […] Dial-up   […]

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